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The most popular diving sites on the island are Tumbatu Island, Mnemba Atoll, Kichwani wall, Watta Bommy, Leva Bank among others. These sites range from 5m to 50m, do there is something for everyone, whether you are a beginner or a professional diver.So, why should you Scuba dive in Zanzibar? The island is well known for its beauty, and this beauty extends to the ocean. Here you will find a diverse selection of colorful corals and small reef fish and a varied underwater topography from vast underwater volcanic mountain ranges to huge granite boulders covered with soft corals and sponges. In Zanzibar there is a good chance you’ll come across some larger animals on dives, particularly to Leven Banks or Mnemba. Barracuda are often spotted at Leven along with sailfish, dorados, whale sharks and wahoo. At Mnemba you can see dolphins, and when they want to play you can jump in and swim with them which is something that you’ll never forget.

To prepare for your dive, you have to know of to swim, naturally. You also have to answer a series of health related questions. There are generally no health restrictions, but generally, children under the age of 8 are not encouraged to go diving.

Afroculture Tours can arrange Scuba and Snorkeling trips, from any hotel you choose, to satisfy all ability levels. There are many very beautiful and so great places for snorkeling and diving – but here we aim to highlight the best.